Consumer Lifestyle Data

Our Consumer Lifestyles™ Database

High performance lists from the leaders in consumer marketing data

The days of wasteful mass campaigns are long gone. Targeting effectively and efficiently is the primary challenge for direct marketers today. DLG and PDV's Consumer Lifestyles™ Database and bespoke lead generation provides the required customer and prospect insight– and the volumes to action it.

400+ Lifestyle & Lifestage variables

Breadth, depth, recency and accuracy: our Consumer Lifestyles™ Database supports targeted direct customer acquisition, retention and enhancement – through any channel, for any sector.

Email, landline, mobile or postal: select the most effective route to market from millions of channel contacts and via the UK’s largest data collection programme. We know which channels consumers prefer – insight that can inform client campaigns.

Transactional data

The recency, frequency and monetary value of our transactional variables ensure you are targeting people in the market to buy.

Using real data from real transactions we can show which people are buying how often and in what sectors. The unique combination of individual level lifestyle variables including 36m accurate dates of birth, household, holiday, charity and interests data added to these powerful transactional variables can uplift response rates to direct mail campaigns by up to 100%.

Over 400 individual variables covering demographics, lifestyle characteristics and purchasing behaviour, plus individual channel contacts for email, landline, mobile and postal address. Here are some examples.