Data Appending

Energise your customer database

Customer campaigns are vital, but many in-house databases fail to support them properly.

Missing variables and channel contacts stop retention and cross-selling activity reaching its full potential. DLG and PDV can fill the gaps appending contacts and lifestyle variables from our Consumer Lifestyle™ Database:

  • to sharpen targeting
  • boost response
  • widen channel choice
  • grow target selection volume

We can also flesh out a single channel contact into a real person. Reverse appending adds a full set of information to an email, mobile or landline number.

Find out how much DLG and PDV can tell you about your customers. Ask for a free data audit.

Support insight, expand channel options

Enhanced data shows which product to offer, when to send it and which channel to use.

Precisely segment existing customers and prospects using individual purchasing habits and demographics. Test creative treatments and improve post-campaign analysis.