Data Enhancement

Trust your data to the experts

Customer and prospect data is the lifeblood of marketing. To perform optimally, a database has to be in prime condition.

DLG and PDV’s Data Enhancement services ensure our clients’ data is clean, accurate and compliant. Our cleansing, profiling and appending facilities boost campaign performance and reduce costs. All work is carried out in a secure, DataSeal accredited environment. Our services:

  • sharpen targeting
  • cut campaign wastage
  • improve marketing ROI

Why run a Data Audit?

A data audit is the essential first step in data enhancement.

Assessing your data evaluates the health and completeness of existing customer and prospect data. Our data health audit ‘Validata’ boosts the quality of your data and improves campaign accuracy.

The Validata report highlights possible cleansing and enhancement work.

  • extent of duplication
  • deceased and goneaway records
  • out of date postcodes and addresses
  • Actual transactional data
  • Extra demographic or lifestyle variables

Providing a baseline for further action, Validata can help you maximise the effectiveness of your campaign and achieve substantial ROI.

Audit your customer data

Increase acquisition and improve retention with data enhancement options

Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing

Is your customer data ready for action? Data hygiene should preface any marketing campaign. DLG and PDV’s cleansing services ensure a robust, compliant dataset.

Improve data accuracy

Data Profiling

Data Profiling

Profiling helps select prospects similar to your ideal customers. Our insight team helps discover:

  • which groups to target
  • which channels to use
  • what products to offer them

Turn insights into action

Data Append

Data Appending

Expand your campaign targeting options. Appending transactional, demographic and lifestyle variables to improve communications while cutting costs.

Boost data performance