Data Profiling

Consumer Insight – part of our data solution

DLG and PDV take the guesswork out of prospecting

Profiling your customer data provides the intelligence needed to select the right target groups – the ones most likely to become profitable customers. More accurate selection discards unresponsive prospects, increasing marketing efficiency.

How profiling works

How profiling works

Any database has different groups – or segments – of similar customers. Each segment has a different profile. Females aged 55-60 might be the most responsive and profitable catalogue buyers – and so the best customers.

We can define segment profiles using variables from our Consumer Lifestyle™ Database. Typical variables are marital status, gender, age, home value, or household income. We can also identify whether your best customers have pets, a will or type of car – identifying their key characteristics and triggers.

Why Profile?

  • Understand your best customers characteristics
  • Optimise prospect selection
  • Maximise campaign ROI
  • Offer the right products to the right customers
  • Use insight to inform creative for different segments

Profiling report

Identify your best prospects

Following an initial audit of your customer data, our analysts build sophisticated predictive statistical models.

data profiling report

Models are used to score and rank available prospects. The prospects that most closely resemble your best customers (lookalikes) are selected first.

DLG and PDV offer sector specific predictive models to inform prospect selection. Market applications include:

  • Charity Donors
  • Utility Switchers
  • Debt Management

A further option is postcode-level profiling using the Acorn geo-demographic segmentation.

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