Email Best Practice

Reach the inbox with effective

Often important elements of an email creative are overlooked; resulting in a negative impact on your campaign performance.

DLG and PDV have tapped into years of expertise to develop a must-read Email Best Practice guide. It highlights the do's and don'ts of email design, content and code. Helping you avoid their many pitfalls, hurdles and challenges, to create successful and compliant email creatives.

Our Email Best Practice guide provides insight into:

Relevant Content Targeting your audience with relevant content from subject line to email copy.
Email Imagery Making the best use of imagery in email and the challenges they face.
Spam Filters Elements of a creative which can trigger spam filters and how to work around them.
Anatomy of an engaging email Anatomy of an engaging email creative to drive open and click-throughs.
Art of coding email The art of coding email creatives to avoid rendering, spam and deliverability issues.
Creative Compliance Creative compliance required by the PECR, CAN-SPAM Act 2003 and other email marketing laws.

Start optimising your creatives for email marketing success; simply complete the form to download our Email Best Practice guide.