Premium email data from DLG and PDV

Our email list is one of the UK’s largest: 5 million fully opted-in email addresses.

Every email address is part of our Consumer Lifestyle™ Database. That gives over 400 selections to define an audience with – and millions of other multi-channel contact options.

Fresh, responsive and engaged consumers

DLG and PDV’s email lists are of exceptional quality. Our contact strategy keeps them that way. Consumer engagement starts at first registration, encouraging them to add us to their safe sender list and optimising deliverability.

Consumer reading emails on a laptop

Broadcast frequency is strictly limited to maintain list response and prevent fatigue. As part of our Data Quality Management Programme, email addresses are cleaned and maintained daily via our broadcast platform.

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Consumer reading emails on a laptop

email campaign lifecycle

Email campaigns that deliver

Our email data is backed by class-leading campaign management services. That includes advice on selections, an in-house broadcast capability and campaign reporting.

email campaign lifecycle

By working with clients on best practice campaign design and copy, DLG and PDV have achieved outstanding results.

Over 98% average delivery rate
Average sender score of 82.5%

DLG and PDV offer a full email design-and-build service, in line with your brand guidelines. Our consultants employ multivariate and A/B testing to optimise subject lines, creative, timing and target groups.

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Our email best practice guide

We have our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing world of email. To help you improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns, we have produced a comprehensive email best practice guide.

DLG and PDV's Email Best Practice Guide

An effective email campaign relies heavily on several key factors from the power of data to the email creative itself. Explore how to optimise your emails by utilising DLG and PDV's expert insights.

Learn the essentials of an email creative and the foundations of its design and code. With our building blocks of email success, get your email safely into the inbox and increase engagement. Discover how to produce creatives which deliver great performance results.

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DLG and PDV's email best practice guide