Brokered Lead Generation

A fully managed lead generation service

Specify the lead profile – and we can take care of the rest. DLG and PDV’s expert campaign management services handle lead generation from start to finish.

We have years of experience in developing multi-channel campaigns for blue chip clients. Backed by first-class account handling, our CleanLeads™ platform streams qualified, verified prospects direct to your own marketing operation.

CleanLeads™ – the ultimate lead management platform

Our CleanLeads™ management platform centrally controls leads generated by DLG and PDV – as well as third party suppliers.

  • Simplified campaign management – one single lead pipeline
  • Qualification – only accepts leads that meet your criteria
  • No duplication – dupe out against existing leads or client customer data
  • Reduced costs; you only pay for data once
  • Centralised reporting
  • DataSeal protection

See our data quality management programme

Media Planning

Experienced planners

DLG and PDV’s media planners can develop a lead sourcing strategy to meet your cost, volume and timing requirements. Acquisition options available to us include the UK’s largest survey programme and our 150+ partner network.

Multiple campaign services are available. We can:

  • build a target customer and channel profile
  • generate creative assets using our internal design team
  • develop compliance tested survey question sets

data quality

Campaign optimisation

Ongoing campaign analysis and real-time reporting ensure we only deliver the right leads. We test, measure and amend questions, incorporating feedback from clients’ own outbound operation.

The result? Your lead generation campaign continually improves its response – and ROI.