Mobile Marketing

Supercharge your mobile marketing with dynamic creativity and the enhanced targeting of accurate data.

Customers interact directly with embedded video content, animation, images and audio. Completely involved, they can swipe, tap and shake their phone to reveal what’s being offered.

Capturing data in real-time

Capture mobile consumer data in real time, direct to your database.

Geo-tracking consumers

Geo-target consumers with bespoke offers for their nearest store, dealership or franchise.

Delivering digital vouchers

Link your event directly with the engaged consumer’s mobile diary.

Direct customers to a mobile site or app download

Instantly connect an engaged consumer with a mobile form or app download.

Premium data drives mobile response

DLG and PDV have over 4 million opted-in mobile contacts available and our database is growing rapidly.

Every number is guaranteed live within the 72 hours prior to broadcast. We check against the industry-standard HLR (Home Location Register) file.

target consumers direct to their smartphone

m-drop is compatible with all popular handsets and mobile operating systems. A link in the initial SMS redirects the customer to the right creative version for their phone.

Our mobile data is an integral part of DLG and PDV’s Consumer Lifestyles™ Database. Fine-tune your mobile audience using over 400 variables on consumer demographics, lifestyle characteristics and purchasing habits. Selections include mobile network, mobile type and phone make.

Target your data

target consumers direct to their smartphone

M-gagement Profile

M-gagement Insight

Identify your mobile audience with M-gagement analysis

DLG and PDV’s new mobile engagement profiling helps you understand which segment of your digital audience is also your most responsive mobile audience.

M-gagement Profile

We combine advanced campaign tracking and the most accurate source of consumer lifestyle data. Helping you identify the core demographics and interests of your mobile audience at each stage of brand engagement.

Knowing more about your audience will help you develop content that will engage, impressions that will convert and identify consumers who embrace mobile media.

Explore data profiling

Enhanced Display Targeting (EDT)

Increase Display Conversions with Enhanced Display Targeting

Your unique m-gagement profile is mapped to the UK to identify the devices of your most responsive display audiences.

UK heatmap

DLG and PDV will help you identify the who, when and where for in-app advertising. We have partnered with the largest mobile ad network to integrate our audience creation with over 75% of UK app impression inventory.

Want to manage this yourself? Audiences can be made available for programmatic buying through major buying platforms.

Discover data planning

UK heatmap

RMT campaign management process

Expert support for your mobile marketing campaign

DLG and PDV’s full suite of services eases the path to successful m-drop campaigns.

Our consultants can define a target market profile, plan a bespoke contact programme and design the final creative treatment. Testing ensures that creative renders correctly on popular mobile operating systems and handsets.

RMT campaign management process

Real-time reporting tracks campaigns from start to finish. Find out immediately who has received the offer, who is interested and who has already engaged.

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