Channel Contact Data

Multi-channel contacts from DLG and PDV

We select the most effective route to market with channel data. Our Consumer Lifestyles™ Database offers millions of contact options – across more than 23 million prospects.

With several channel alternatives for many individuals, we’re the leading source for multi-channel selections. We also know which channels consumers prefer. We can choose the most responsive and cost-effective contact method for your campaign.

Benchmark studies consistently demonstrate that our data provides the very best contact rates in the industry, ensuring your marketing efforts remain efficient.

Direct mail, email, landline or mobile: we’ve got your touch points covered.

23 Milllion postal address 0
10 Milllion landline numbers 0
4 Milllion mobile numbers 0

DLG and PDV offer an exceptional combination of high contact volumes and targeting accuracy. Our database offers over 400 lifestyle and lifestage selections.

data acquisition

Data acquisition

Fresh, accurate and compliant contact data is assured. We run the UK’s largest consumer data acquisition programme. Our multi-channel surveys and bespoke lead generation activity generate hundreds of thousands of new records every month.

data quality

Data quality

All our lists are fully opted in for third-party communication. We carry out extensive quality checks during collection and follow best practice standards.