First Class postal data from DLG

Our Postal database contains over 23m UK consumers and 400+ variables to select them with.

As well as all those variables, DLG Data collection comes with assurances that Fair Processing Notices and Privacy Policies are stored for every record. Our postal data sets the standard for targeting ability, for performance and for compliance.

Real data produces real results

Our Consumer Lifestyle™ postal data consistently outperforms data from other sources because it is built on real data.


If you want to reach people with children you can target a postcode that might contain households more likely to have a child, or you can talk to DLG who can give you households who definitely have children. It’s that simple.

What’s more we update hundreds of thousands of new records every single month in a bid to ensure that you have access to the freshest data in the marketplace. Our data performs because it’s real and it’s recent.

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Direct Mail’s secret superpower

Mail evokes emotional reactions and stimulates long term memory encoding so it’s especially important to make sure you are putting it in the hands of the right people.

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Luckily DLG’s Data Science team are on hand to help. Our analysts will look at the results of a campaign and work out the differences between the people who respond and the people who don’t. They then use this insight to make sure you pick the people most likely to respond next time. Real data + Real insight = Great campaign results.