Outstanding Telemarketing data from DLG and PDV

Our non-TPS telemarketing database contains over 3.3 million UK consumers.

Every DLG landline and mobile number is part of our Consumer Lifestyle™ database which means there are more than 400 lifestyle, demographic and transactional variables to select on.

Engaged prospects

Benchmark studies consistently demonstrate that our data provides the very best contact rates in the industry, ensuring your marketing efforts remain efficient.

Consumer on the phone

Fresh, accurate and compliant contact data is assured. DLG and PDV run the UK’s largest consumer data acquisition programme. Our multi-channel surveys and bespoke lead generation activity generate hundreds of thousands of new telemarketing records every month.

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Consumer on the phone

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Telemarketing campaigns that keep getting better

Data from DLG nearly always works the best. Using PDV to source additional data from other suppliers means that you get the best of the rest from across the industry.

By regularly sharing results with PDV the campaign can be further optimised by supplier and selections, and we can even help with contact strategy and contact centre management. When you work with DLG and PDV you are not just engaging a data supplier, you are adding direct marketing experts into your marketing team.

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Our Telemarketing best practice

We know that the way to achieve best results from your telemarketing campaign is to strive for a positive call experience in every single outbound telesales call. To help you do this, we have created a simple best practice guide.

DLG and PDV's Email Best Practice Guide

A great telemarketing campaign is one where even the prospects that chose not to buy still leave the call believing they have had a positive experience. Getting this right depends upon several key factors from the power of data and compliance, to the script and the happiness of the call agents. So read this guide and take advantage of DLG and PDV's expert insights.

Learn the basics of a positive call experience, and the core principles of compliance and quality assurance. Follow our guide to telemarketing success, and create a positive call experience every time. Discover how to create telemarketing campaigns which deliver great performance results and happy consumers.

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Three tiers of quality control