The telemarketing lead generation experts

With 16 years of market leadership, DLG and PDV deliver the UK’s highest quality telemarketing leads.

From call file to scripting to state-of-the-art diallers, we manage the entire telesurvey process in-house. Our expert managers train and motivate the industry’s best agents to make the most of every call.

Powered by the most extensive call file, benchmark studies across various market sectors prove the effectiveness of our approach.

Our clients’ campaigns leverage the power of the UK’s largest consumer data collection programme. Lead generation options range from sponsoring a question within a survey to completely bespoke multi-channel acquisition.

Quality Control – our major differentiator

Strict Quality Control (QC) processes ensure consistent lead accuracy and compliance. Our call centre QC is part of DLG and PDV’s continuous Data Quality Management Programme

Three tiers of quality control

On-site QC departments within each call centre monitor calls, checking for:

  • quality of opt-in
  • adherence to script
  • agent performance

A central QC and compliance function makes hundreds of further follow-up calls every week. This double-checks that agents are complying with our procedures.

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Three tiers of quality control

hot key transfers

Maximise conversion with hot key transfers

Sell to consumers who want to buy – right now. Live hot key transfers pipe highly-qualified prospects direct to your own contact centre.

hot key transfers

Keeping hot prospects on the line boosts conversion rates and ROI. Our expert agents take care of lead generation – your sales staff receive a prospect ready to complete the transaction.

  • pay only for successful transfers
  • bespoke hot key scripts and lead criteria
  • state-of-the-art technology
  • exclusivity guaranteed

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Our Telemarketing best practice guide

We know that the way to achieve best results from your telemarketing campaign is to strive for a positive call experience in every single outbound telesales call. To help you do this, we have created a simple best practice guide.

DLG and PDV's Email Best Practice Guide

A great telemarketing campaign is one where even the prospects that chose not to buy still leave the call believing they have had a positive experience. Getting this right depends upon several key factors from the power of data and compliance, to the script and the happiness of the call agents. So read this guide and take advantage of DLG and PDV's expert insights.

Learn the basics of a positive call experience, and the core principles of compliance and quality assurance. Follow our guide to telemarketing success, and create a positive call experience every time. Discover how to create telemarketing campaigns which deliver great performance results and happy consumers.

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Three tiers of quality control